Monday, September 01, 2008

Anime and Toys Convention

Does this place look familiar to you? Of course it does... it's Kuching largest shopping mall.

The Spring

I was there two weekends ago with Cal and Loi for a very important and special task (which will change the course of their entire life... like their lives depended on it. Hahaha...enough suspense??? Stay tune for more details, latest by end of this week). But we coincidentally came across this "Anime and Toys Convention" event which was organised by....erm...i don't know :Þ

1st of its kind in Kuching

It was held at the Spring from 20~31 August 2008.

I personally feel that this is more of a toy exhibition rather than an anime and toy CONVENTION. Anyways, just wanna share a few photos I took using my w810i camera (pardon the high noise and low MP).

There was Gundam

Too bad it was placed in a showcase

And there were many figurines too. Some were cute but some were just so sexy that I wonder how on earth would parents buy them for their kids to play with. If I was a dad, I would rather buy them and play with them MYSELF.... hahaha... just kidding.

One of my fav... very decent and innocent looking girl

Look at those big eyes @_@

Am I sexy or what?

Come and get it... 2 durians for RM10.

Some dude managed to ask the girls in kimonos to pose with him... kawaii desu ^_^

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