Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dinner at Secret Recipe

Last Monday was Steven's birthday. But he wasn't available on the day itself so I invited him and his missus, Helen for a birthday dinner at Secret Recipe, the Spring on Tuesday night.

Birthday boy

For those of you out there who are not familiar with me or Steven, allow me to intro our history. I am proud to say that we go way back. And when I say way back, I REALLY mean waaaaaay back. We were kindy mates, and that's like 22 years ago. We were in the same class for 2 years. Then we went separate ways for our primary school ed. But fate has its way again when we stepped into secondary school. We were classmates again from Form 1 right through Form 5. We would normally hang out together quite often before he met his wonderful wifey, Helen. But we still keep in touch and normally we would go out for "lim teh" sessions once a week. This year Steven's celebrating his 27th birthday, and also his last birthday before officially being called a DADDY soon by a little girl.

The happy couple

And with me still feeling the after effects of getting bitten by the photography bug, snapped away.

Meatballs spaghetti

Not sure what's the name for this dish

Chicken cordon bleu

Juicy stuff... perfect!!!


tiramisu chocolate cake (i think)

White chocolate macadamia...OMG

Not sure what I'm frowning over...????

Thank you for being my best buddy all these years mate. Too bad I wont be able to see your Chloe till end of the year.

Why? Stay tuned for my next post...


COAX said...

Thanks buddy! You better take k and behave urself while u are away ok! Gonna miss u for few months. He he, Chloe wont be seeing Uncle Louis till next year. Anyway, God bless!

COAX said...

How come my nick is Coax? erm...weird..

COAX said...

How come my nick is Coax? erm...weird..

Louis said...

no problemo... i'll be a good boy.
bout your nick, maybe someone used your PC to post a msg before...?

3Va LiM said...

"Yii, what's that?" (created a caption for you) (the last photo of the post) (the one that you frown over.) :P

Louis said...

hahaha... my facial expression says it all huh, eva?

Fish said...

Dude, you took those photos? Impressive ones. ;)