Friday, September 26, 2008

Leaving HsinChu


After staying a night at CSS HsinChu office, I left for TaiChung. My impression of HsinChu is a mixed one. On one hand, it's a big town with many offices and factories, but on the other hand there are still many residents here who are involved in agriculture.


After dinner with some of the staffs of CSS, Lau and I went to the Taiwan High Speed Rail (高鐵) Station to catch the 8:04pm train headed to TaiChung.


Lau on the left

This was a very unique experience as this marks the first time I sat in a 300km/h top speed train.

Inside 台灣高鐵

Stay tuned for more updates from TaiChung... up next "Where I Stay..."

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or2ng3s said...

how long was the trip to travel from hsinchu to taichung via high speed train?