Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Place I Call Home For The Next 3 Months

As promised, I will post some photos of where I stay in 台中, 台湾.

This is the road leading to my house.


Road leading to my house

From the outside, it looks like any other house.

3-storey house

Brick house


But on the inside, it looks something like this. I know I know, it's a little messy, but what's a little mess by 8 bachelor engineers staying under one roof, right?

I am staying with Lau, Ray, Mason, Leo, Tony, Todt and Robin. Except for Lau (who is from Sarawak) the others are Taiwanese. They are a fun and friendly bunch to be with, so for those of you back home, please don't worry kay? I am good here.

Note: Oh yeah, a typhoon is subject to hit Taiwan tomorrow. Call me crazy but I am actually looking forward to my first typhoon experience. YAY!!!


Dr. C said...

aiyeeee...... yuuuhoooo....! hahahahaha

Louis... look at the guys' space man... OMG... tell me yo... indeed Yin Yang imbalance man.... hahahahahaha!!!!

tsk tsk tsk... guys du si guys.....

Louis said...

hehehe... boh pien.
all guys, and all engineers somemore...

but luckily, once a week there'll be someone who will come and tidy up the whole house.

Soon Hui said...

Ooh, next time ask the company to mix some female juice inside, or else how to survive...

Louis said...

[soon hui] hahaha...i wish i could. but i am just a small grain of sand on the beach.

GAMENiAC said...

the cleaner is suppose to be female. *grin*

aunty place, cleaner comes every 2 weeks.

Louis said...

omg... i dont think the cleaner will appeal to my taste. :P