Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Kuching International Airport

I woke up this morning at 6am. After a torturous night deciding whether to bring or not to bring my baby (Canon 400D), I have finally come to D-Day for me to leave Kuching for Taiwan.

KL Express

Flight was so-so from Kuching to KL. Once I have collected my luggage, I took the KLIA express to KL Sentral to meet Mr. Ragu. Who is this Mr. Ragu? He is the guy who will deliver my passport along with my visa from the Taiwanese Embassy.

OK, got my passport. Next stop is the money changer. The rate for Taiwan Dollar against RM is RM0.1135 for $1. Gosh, I feel rich cuz with RM100, I will have ~$1000. Not bad eh?

After that, I hopped on the KLIA Express again to get back to KLIA. The fast and comfortable express train only took 28 minutes to reach KLIA. Since it’s still quite early for my check-in, I took our my baby and started snapping photos around KLIA 5th floor.

After contented and tired of snapping, I decided to have my lunch at McD cuz I think it's the cheapest in KLIA.


3:10pm, time to board Eva Air BR0228. This is my first time flying with a foreign airlines and this is also the first time I am flying with a Boeing 747-400. And the good thing does not just end there. All the air stewardess are tall hot Chinese chicks. I am in heaven....

Stay tuned for more updates from Taiwan


Soon Hui said...

Hot chicks!!! Wowah~~ Mouth watering~~~ but wait, where's the photos? It didn't happen unless u have photos, hahaha~~

Louis said...

hahaha...took some. still editting them. plz be patient. =)

or2ng3s said...

of coz bring ur baby la. photos are what we expect ma. :p

Louis said...

[or2ng3s] hi... thanks for dropping by. i will take lots of photos for my ardent readers!