Thursday, September 04, 2008


Yesterday, I was not feeling too well after lunch time. Despite putting on a very warm and fuzzy jacket, I never felt any colder. Asked my boss if he could excuse me for the afternoon, but he just smirked and thought I was just kidding him. So I soldiered on till 6pm.

My fingers were turning purple

Palm was white as a sheet

Geez... Upon reaching home, I went to bed straightaway.

I woke up at 830pm and my head was spinning like I have spent the past 2 hours in a whirlpool. My whole body was aching and felt like all the joints are going to give way soon. So I asked my dad to bring me to my panel doctor.

Doc: Whoa! Your temperature's 38.9°C leh!

Me: Really? I thought a normal person's body temperature is 36.9°C?

Doc:Ya la... You are having high fever. Are you having sore throat or flu?

Me: Only sore throat. No flu...

Doc: Let me see your throat. Say aaaaahhhhh...(while sticking an ice-cream stick into my mouth). Wa... you throat is inflamed too!

Me: Yeah lo... Can hardly swallow my own saliva.

Doc: Let me check your blood pressure... after applying all the apparatus on my left arm... hmmm...looks normal.

Doctor's table

Me: OK...

Doc: So you go home and take enough rest and dont forget to drink more water.

Me: Doc, can you grant me a Sick Leave for tomorrow? (with the kolien doggie eyes expression)

Doc: Hmmm.... Seems like your condition is pretty bad and I dont think you will recover overnight. OK la... I'll give you a day's sick leave.

Me: Thank you doc! (Yaaaaahooooooo! Don't have to go to work tomorrow)


Got my medicine and MC and went home.

Woke up this morning feeling much better, but not in tip-top condition.


Soon Hui said...

Sigh... pity you Louis... Wish you a speedy recovery!

Louis said...

thanks bro.

last night i was feeling really terrible. but this morning i am feeling much better. took some photos in my back yard, had a cup of coffee, watch US Open tennis... :)

Fish said...

Not bad, dude. Sick but still have the mood and energy to take photos at the clinic. LOL. Hmm... I wonder... :P

vian said...

how come sick ppl still can take photo??