Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nissan Skyline GTR34 tuned by Nismo

Bad boy GTR

There are many cars nowadays which can portray the personality of the owners. Some cars make the owner look like a big bad wolf, while other cars has the magic to turn their owners into samsengs-wannabe. But here is the car that can bring the word B.A.D to a whole new level unrivalled by any other cars.

Nissan Skyline GTR34.

These photos were taken last year but I only got to do the editing recently. This virgin white GTR34 is specially tweaked by Nismo. Check out the side fender in the following photo and you will notice that the part under the side mirror is twitched.

How I wish I have the moolah to get one for myself... one like this can easily set you back for RM200k++

Boss, so if you are reading this post, please give me a thick and fat pay raise. And I promise to bring you for a joy ride. Thank you boss!


Soon Hui said...

Louis, I can't believe it, I think you already own the car because there is the word "" inscribed just in front of the car engine!

Louis said...

i wish i own it... but maybe when i hit jackpot. aiks... i am in taiwan, can't buy toto 6/52. no chance liao~~~

cal81 said...

taiwan got lottery too right? can try ur luck there... ^_^
there's one fully loaded ER34 GTR for sale here:
only rm245K nia... =p

Louis said...

[cal81] yupe, taiwan also has its own lottery. if i am not mistaken, all receipts we get from shopping has a unique number, and these numbers are actually the lottery number. woooot.... no need to queue at toto shop here.

actually i dont see any lottery ticket selling shop here. maybe it's too "ulu" here.

wah...that GTR34 has 800bhp!!! i think the owner gonna upgrade to GTR35.