Sunday, September 07, 2008


If anyone of you out there spot a white male chihuahua who looks like this

Hi, I am Shiro

please email me at

His name is Shiro.

I was told by my neighbour last night that Shiro has gone missing since yesterday afternoon. It was last seen at Taman Woodlands, Jalan Stutong area.

Shiro looking for Schumi

Please return this cute puppy back to its rightful owner because she is really very depressed and heart-broken right now. Not sure bout the reward, but I am sure you will put a very big smile on this pretty lady.



cal81 said...

aw.. poor shiro... i hope that he'll find his way back to his rightful owner...

Louis said...

yeah...i hope he comes home soon.
the owner was like really cham and boh sim. kolien. this is the 2nd chihuahua she has lost. the 1st one died in an accident.

cal81 said...

that's so sad.... let's hope for the best... maybe he just wondered off somewhere & he'll come back on his own =)