Friday, September 05, 2008

Mt. Singai

Last Monday was a Public Holiday (since our Merdeka Day falls on a Sunday), so me and my friend Allen and his ex-colleague and her church mates decided to hike up Mount Singai. Actually I almost climbed this mountain a few times because my family members have actually went up a few times before this. But every time they plan to go up, I have already made plans for myself. So I was quite excited to finally be able to climb the Holy Mount Singai.

kolo mee - the best breakfast itinerary

Our travel log started with breakfast at Batu Kawah old township famous meatballs kolo mee stall. We gathered there to fill our empty Kuchingites tummy with one of the best kolo mee in town (literally in suburb). Then we continued driving to our destination

Trailing Patrick's 4X4 pickup truck

Upon reaching the foot of the mountain, we were greeted by our very own multi-legged friend.

Get out of my way

We started our climb at approximately 9:45am. Weather was perfect!

Heh-ho, heh-ho~~~

There were stations with a cross under a shelter for Christians and believers to stop and reflect with prayers. But I was too busy snapping photos of the sexy mother nature.

Louis boh eng

FPS - first person shooter... gun replaced with my camera phone

oh gosh, is that really the way up to heaven?

and after bout 35 minutes, we came to a plateau where the shrine of Mother Mary stands.

A place of worship

A huge stainless steel statue of Jesus

Shrine of Mother Mary (L) & Lady Fatima (unsure) with tears (L)

I said a simple prayer before embarking on the REAL journey.

Into the forest

The climb overall wasn't that challenging. I feel that being close to nature is my greatest reward on this trip. Imagine when people around the world are chanting about environment issues like global warming, green house effects, changing of climate across the globe, ozone thinning, deforestation etc. I am proud that we in Sarawak still have plenty of places of nature to go to.

Allen fell in love with the trees...and hugged them.


Allen trying to push a tree down... (actually he was having cramps in his calf)

Me posing in front of two mating trees

Spiderman 4...LOL

And after 2 hours of hiking (with a lot of breathers in between :Þ) we finally made it to the top of Mt. Singai.

Top of Mt.Singai

View from the top

Recharging batteries

We took a rest for about half an hour and descended using the same path after that. Going down was much easier compared to going up, but still there were parts of the trail where it was tricky and vertical. We reached the foot of the mountain at about 2pm and drove straight for food.

I need a massage!

Note: Some of the pics here are taken by Allen. Thanks bro!


Soon Hui said...

Green mountains and forests! I haven't seen those for a loong time already :(

Louis said...

LOL... Come back to Kuching la.
You'll have aplenty...

rambochai said...

wow--- i want go there also === but no time ;;; aih0----

Louis said...

aiyo... where are u now, rambo?
if in kuching, then we organize another trip to mt singai. only 45 mins drive from kuching city.